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Press Release Distribution

Press releases have the potential to generate tremendous publicity at a low cost. However, their success depends on the effectiveness of your press release distribution service and the quality of your content.

A well-written, newsworthy press release issued through a free or cut-rate distribution service may garner little to no media attention, as those types of vendors typically use off-the-shelf databases with notoriously unreliable contact information. A reputable press release submission service with top-tier newswire distribution can deliver your news to all the right people; however, if your release has typos, poor grammar, or blatant marketing hype, it is likely to be instantly dismissed by reporters and your target audience.

Order Press Release Distribution Services

Extend Your Reach and Expand Your Visibility With PR Syndication Press Release Distribution

PR Syndication is an online public relations firm based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, offering affordable and highly effective press release distribution services that are ideal for organizations of all types and sizes. Our services are particularly well suited to entrepreneurs and small/midsize businesses that want to take advantage of the many benefits press releases can offer.

In addition to comprehensive and reliable press release distribution, we offer professional writing and editing services to help your release attract notice, impress readers, and deliver results. You can even outsource your company's PR strategy services to us, whether you’re seeking a one-time consultation for your first foray into public relations or ongoing support for a long-term campaign.

Big Impact for a Small Price

Unlike bargain-basement options, our press release distribution service really works. We’ll get your release in front of thousands of journalists at major national news outlets and trade publications, and issue it over one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most respected newswires. You’ll also enjoy the SEO benefits of having your press release permanently hosted in our online newsroom. To confirm the successful distribution of your press release, we’ll e-mail you a ReleaseReport™ with links to a number of the leading news sources that have published your story.

You get all of this and more for just $499 for an 800-word press release.* And if you purchase one of PR Syndication's multi-release bulk packages, you can save up to 50% off our premium distribution services.

Benefits of PR Syndication Press Release Distribution

Highlights of our U.S. national, trade, and newswire press release distribution include:

  • Delivery to more than 17,250 newspapers, TV and radio stations, syndicates, and other news outlets nationwide, reaching in excess of 29,000 reporters.
  • Submission to leading national business news outlets and disclosure media, including Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Reuters, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, and USA Today.
  • Industry-targeted distribution to an opt-in list of journalists in three trade categories of your choice.
  • Top-tier newswire distribution to more than 20,000 newsrooms, nearly 1.5 million equities terminals, and hundreds of RSS feeds, plus thousands of websites, databases, and online services.
  • Posting of your release to the online newsroom of one of America’s leading newswire services, where it is permanently accessible to more than 83,000 registered journalists.
  • Ability to add in SEO keyword links to your press release. Learn how SEO press releases can improved search engine visibility, generate highly relevant backlinks, and improve brand awareness and reputation management.
  • Ability to upload images, video and file attachments to your news releases depending on the selected newswire service.

Beyond press release distribution, PR Syndication also provides stringent quality-control measures, submission verification, and additional services:

  • Option to have your press release carefully proofread by our editor-in-chief or a senior editor, and receive two additional editorial reviews prior to distribution. You will be alerted to any typos or other errors and have the opportunity to correct them before your release goes live.
  • Option to have your press release permanently hosted in the PR Syndication newsroom, which will help deliver SEO benefits such as expanded presence on search engine listings.
  • After your press release is distributed, we will e-mail you a ReleaseReport™ with a summary of news outlets that have published your story, along with the corresponding links.
  • For a very reasonable fee, we offer professional writing and editing services that will provide you with a polished, superbly crafted press release. You can also benefit from our years or public relations and SEO expertise by outsourcing your PR strategy.

Discover the PR Syndication Difference

Whether you’ve tried other services without success or are evaluating distribution options for your first press release, you’ll quickly discover that PR Syndication offers the reach and visibility you seek at a price you can afford. We encourage you to explore the many advantages of partnering with us for your press release distribution, and we welcome you to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re ready to issue a release through PR Syndication, we offer an easy and secure online order process for press release distribution as well as writing and editing services. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your order, and we’ll follow up with you to verify the distribution date, your choice of trade categories, and other details prior to release. Your satisfaction and success are our priority, and we look forward to helping you achieve your publicity goals!

Order Press Release Distribution Services

* Total word count encompasses all content within a press release, including headline, subhead, dateline, body copy, boilerplate, contact information, and close (###). Longer press releases may be issued for an additional $50 per 100 words. Save up to 50% with our multi-release bulk packages: