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Press Release Template

This press release template is provided as a resource for entrepreneurs and businesses that are writing a press release for distribution via PR Syndication’s network of U.S. national media outlets, trade publications, and tier-1 newswire services.

Below is our press release template, along with industry best practices and style guidelines. You may also download this press release template in Microsoft Word format, which you can use to build and customize your own press release.

For additional guidance, refer to our PR resource pages:

  1. How to Write a Press Release
  2. Press Release Format
  3. Submit Press Release

Press Release Template and Style Guidelines


{Headline} The headline, or title, of a press release tells readers what the announcement is about. It should be 100 to 150 characters long, and no more than one sentence.

{Subhead} A subhead, or subtitle, explains the headline or provides additional relevant details. Subheads are optional.

{City}, {State}, {Month Day, Year} -- Your press release should begin with a strong introductory paragraph that captures the reader’s attention and contains the information most relevant to your message. Always try to include the “Five Ws” of good journalism—Who, What, When, Where, and Why—when applicable.

The rest of the story should provide further details about the points covered in the lead paragraph. You can include some background information on the announcement, product, or service. If you are explaining why your product or service is unique, be sure to write your release in terms most readers will understand.

For example, if you have a medical discovery announcement, your primary audience is likely to be healthcare professionals who understand complex medical lingo. However, keep in mind that your publicity campaign is likely to attract more readers when explained in language the general public can understand.

Your storyline can also be about something unique or controversial, or about a prominent person, place, or thing.

"It's good practice to include a quote or two within your press release," said Shay Tressa DeSimone, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of PR Syndication. "Your sources might include company executives, industry experts, or satisfied customers. And if you feature information from a study, survey, or high-profile public figure, you should include in-text citations to clearly identify the source. You can then add more detailed information in a references section or footnote."

Tressa DeSimone noted that proper attribution of sources is an integral part of journalism, and explained that reporters actively look for source information when deciding whether to run a press release. "Not only do proper citations contribute to the quality and reliability of your article, but they also prove to journalists and readers that you have verified your facts. This creates a sense of trust among your audience."

The last paragraph before the boilerplate often summarizes and reinforces the purpose, target market, and benefits of your product or service. It should include a call to action for the reader to find out more, visit your website, and contact you for more information.

About {Company}

The last paragraph of a press release is known as a “boilerplate," and it is designed to provide a brief overview of your company and products or services. You may wish to include details about your company's history, industry, practices, as well as any accolades, awards, and unique value propositions.

{Media Inquires/Contact Info}

Provide your contact information either at the beginning of your press release (above the headline), or at the end of your release, between the boilerplate and close symbol. Your media contact should be someone who is authorized to speak to the press on behalf of your company. It should also be someone who is readily available to take calls from reporters on deadline, as opposed to a high-level executive who is frequently inaccessible. Refer to our PR Syndication sample below for the type of contact details to include and proper formatting:

Media Inquires:

Nelson (Nate) J. Spoto Jr.
Co-Founder and Director of Interactive Marketing
PR Syndication LLC
800-457-4160, ext. 21


The close symbol (###) above indicates your press release has ended.

If there is additional contact information you'd like to share with reporters but don't want to have published online, you can insert it as a separate sentence after the close symbol. For example, many companies opt to provide journalists with a direct e-mail address, fax number, and/or mobile phone number, but prefer not to display those details online where they can be harvested by spammers. Here is an example of how to format that supplemental information:

For more details about {topic of story; e.g., press release template} or to schedule an interview with {executive quoted within release}, please call {media contact name} at XXX-XXX-XXXX, or e-mail {}.


Need Help Editing or Writing Your Press Release?

PR Syndication’s Professional Writers and Editors Will Transform Your Announcement Into a Newsworthy Story

Every organization has interesting news that could be used to generate brand awareness and attract potential consumers. PR Syndication can help you identify promising story concepts and prepare your message for a national audience, even if you’ve never written a release before.

If you have prior press release experience and a professional writer on staff, we'll check your final draft to ensure there are no typos or omissions in your release before it goes live. PR Syndication's distribution service includes professional proofreading by our editor-in-chief or another senior editor at no additional cost, plus two additional editorial reviews prior to release.

In addition to our standard proofreading services, we offer three different levels of editorial services.

  • Professional editing is designed to fine-tune the headline and subhead, and enhance a relatively clean draft, ensuring that your press release is SEO-friendly and likely to capture media and consumer attention.

  • Our top-tier press release writing services can transform a rough draft, outline, or work order into a meticulously crafted, compelling news story that appeals to journalists and readers alike, while delivering ongoing SEO benefits.

  • For the highest level of professional expertise and personal attention, PR Syndication offers a premium Editor-in-Chief/SEO Writing Package that is an industry first. Our premium writing package includes consultation with both our editor-in-chief and director of SEO, who will personally prepare your release for distribution.

  • In closing, before submitting any news for syndication, be sure to carefully review your announcement to ensure that it is genuinely newsworthy and follows industry-standard press release format guidelines.  If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call at (800) 457-4160 or e-mail us and we'll be happy to advise.

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